When dishing the dirt on where she stands with her fellow castmates after filming the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives LA,” social media personality Brittany Renner revealed she didn’t fit in.

The author and entrepreneur will now be on TV screens weekly since she’s one of the newest additions to the popular VH1 show. On Sept. 26, the budding reality star posted a promo trailer for its 11th season on Instagram to let the cat out of the bag that she joined the cast. At REVOLT WORLD, Renner opened up about how it was to film alongside the “BBWLA” veterans and newbies while talking to Jason Lee for the live taping of his self-titled REVOLT show.

“It was quite an experience. And I would say after 14 long motherf**ckin’ weeks of filming with them b**tches, uhhh… I see where I just don’t fit in, you know,” she said on “The Jason Lee Show.” “It’s like, I don’t know. It was kind of like they were a bunch of Regina Georges and then here I am, Maleficent. B**ch, I will blow the doors off the b**ch. What are we talking about? Y’all playing around. You guys want to be Regina George; baby, I’m the bus driver.”

“But yeah, problematic, chaotic… I’m gonna tell the truth. I tried my best to get along… I tried my best,” she added.

Despite wanting the public to judge for themselves, the fitness junkie claimed one of the reasons she was unable to form genuine relationships with her co-workers was because it was off-putting to witness them flip once the cameras started rolling. “I’m the same no matter what, you know? And when I saw the camera cut on and then it was like it didn’t translate,” Renner told Lee. “So, I would have a good one-on-one with someone, and then in a group setting, I’d have a whole different experience, so for me, it was very peculiar. It was a very interesting experience.”

The 31-year-old didn’t divulge which castmates, in particular, she clashed with, but “BBWLA” fans shouldn’t be surprised at the conflict, as she does not keep up with the women on social media. In addition, Renner mentioned how being authentic highlighted new layers that some of the OGs may have been hiding. “That’s the thing about me is I don’t really like to do too much talking because I know what I saw, I know what I did, I know what I said, and I know what took place. So, for me, I’d like to let the people be the judge of what they see. And I think that for me, my light makes the roaches scatter, so I feel that because [of] how strong and powerful I am, it shines light on a lot of truths that, you know, maybe weren’t seen before. I’m talking about in the crevices, making them come out,” she explained.

Lee also specifically asked about her relationship with the TV personalities who’ve been frontrunners of the franchise, and the newcomer didn’t hold back. While Renner agreed with the consensus that Jackie Christie is a comedian, she confessed it’s only “when she’s not drunk.” While the influencer kept quiet and giggled about Brooke Bailey, Renner said Jennifer Williams was “like a deer in headlights.”

Earlier this year, Renner was spotted grabbing dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Shaquille O’Neal. This led the Hollywood Unlocked founder to ask if her friendship with the retired NBA player affected her dynamic with “BBWLA” creator, executive producer, and ex-wife to Shaq, Shaunie Henderson. The budding reality star revealed it didn’t.

“I think at the end of the day, real recognize real, so I never really had problems with her. We all had conversations about stuff that you guys will tune in and see, but yeah… I mean, what was there to really get into? She’s moved on, she’s happy… [and Shaq’s] a friend,” the socialite insisted.

The Rebel by Brittany Renner owner stood firm that she gave everyone a fair chance after signing up for the gig, despite having some reservations. “I kind of had my head on a swivel just seeing what was what, but I will say I was disappointed that I wasn’t, you know, really able to connect in that way. It was disappointing for me,” she admitted.

To catch Renner’s reality TV debut on “BBWLA,” tune into VH1 at 9 p.m. ET tonight (Oct. 9).