Brittany Renner is focused on turning over a new chapter in her life.

The social media star has made headlines for unconventional dating takes and appearing on reality series like “Basketball Wives,” but underneath the surface, she admits that she is just a work in progress like everyone else. Ahead of her appearance on “The Jason Lee Show’s” live taping during the inaugural REVOLT WORLD, Renner opened up about her excitement for the event.

“I am excited,” she told REVOLT. “This is my first time being here and I don’t get to say that often, but I’m feeling good. With it being my first time here, I don’t know what to expect, but that’s what makes it exciting.”

Additionally, Renner said an experience like REVOLT WORLD is imperative for the forward movement of the Black community. “It inspires me being here because I’m all about progression,” she added. “So, just to be able to be a part of the culture, to me, is an honor.”

Onstage, she joined host and friend Lee to discuss everything from her recent book, “Judge This Cover,” to what it’s like co-parenting alongside NBA superstar P.J. Washington and more.

At one point during the conversation, she opened up about her maturity over the years. “The beauty of growth is being able to look at where I was lacking and how I was vibrationally matched to these types of men,” Renner said. “So I can’t really blame them without also pointing the finger at myself, too. We all were selfish.”

She also shared thoughts on being a single mother and the lessons learned: “I don’t think anyone prepares to be a single mom. I didn’t carry a baby for nine motherf**king months, gain 50 pounds, and get a second-degree tear to be a single mom. I thought that was my guy.”

The personality added, “Granted, I did things out of order — marry before you carry — but I’ll choose better next time. I don’t know what you want me to tell you. I didn’t plan for this s**t. All I can say is his father is very much present and takes care of [our son]. We may not be together, but my son is in a multimillion-dollar house, he gets dropped off in a Lamborghini, and he ain’t hurt for nothing.”