Back in August, Young Scooter liberated a new single titled “Hard To Handle,” which saw him reuniting with longtime collaborator Future. Produced by Slowburnz and DY Krazy, the hard-hitting track brought listeners back to the heart of Atlanta’s trap sound, complete with boisterous, street-coded bars over booming 808s.

“A mill’ cash in all 20s, s**t look real sloppy, introduced the world to juggin’, let these rappers copy, all this ice all over my body, never play hockey, while the weed growin’, I’m chillin’ in the mountains, hikin’, I’m always ballin’ in New York but never been to Dyckman, 20 racks for when I stand, I don’t need a b**ch to like me, all I want is money, nothin’ else excite me…”

On Tuesday (Oct. 3), fans were treated to a visual for “Hard To Handle” that comes courtesy of DrewFilmedIt. Shot in East Atlanta, the clip shows Scooter and Pluto delivering their rhymes from a public garage, a strip club, and a restaurant parking lot. The duo can also be spotted in an all white room with a bevy of beautiful women.

In an interview with AllHipHop, Scooter spoke on how the collaboration came together. “It was mainly Future’s idea, and I just went off of him,” the Freebandz affiliate explained. “You know, we don’t write the music, so everything really be quick. If you’re not a quick punch in artist or not writing your music, you don’t need to work with Future because that’s how it is. We punching in.”

Scooter also revealed some details from his forthcoming release, Streets Krazy. “I feel like it’s going to be one of my classics. It’s a lot of good songs,” he added. “The features, I got Money Man on there. Future, Peewee Longway, EST Gee, Young Nudy, and NoCap.”

Press play on “Hard To Handle” below.