Today (Sept. 26), Usher called in to “The Breakfast Club” to speak about being the performing act for the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. “JAY-Z calls me at 6:00 in the morning. I’m barely just waking up, it’s the first news I get of the day,” he recalled of first learning about the incredible opportunity.

Elsewhere in the interview, Usher was asked about his now-viral encounter with Keke Palmer, which began at one of his Las Vegas shows in July and sparked heavy discussion after Palmer’s partner, Darius Jackson, voiced his displeasure. “I’m not Mr. Steal Your Girl, you know what I’m saying? That’s Trey Songz. I’m the guy that tells you, ‘Don’t leave your girl ’round me,'” the Atlanta legend jokingly stated.

Guest host Loren LoRosa followed that by asking if Usher had guilt over the whole situation because of the attention that it caused. “What would the guilt be? That I actually had a great show? It was fun?” he questioned. “The idea was to bring good attention to it, good intention and attention. I think that we live in a sensational time. We live very 2D, you know what I’m saying? Life, it’s 1D, 2D, 3D, and I think we live in a 2D space. So, the idea or what this is, man, was just about fun, and just enjoying that moment and not missing it.”

In related news, the “OMG” talent created a new moment at his residency in Paris, France, which runs until October. During the first night on Monday (Sept. 25), Usher had a hilarious exchange with Dwyane Wade after briefly serenading the basketball great’s wife, Gabrielle Union, with a rendition of his latest single, “Boyfriend.” “Okay, let’s stop. Let’s not get carried away… I ain’t crazy,” Usher said before dapping Wade as the packed crowd looked on. “That man will knock my whole head off and then dunk it.”