On Monday (Sept. 18), Beats by Dre dropped new images for a collaboration with Mowalola. The pics showcased City Girls’ JT with a colorful hairstyle. She also had the brand’s silver Solo3 headphones draped over one eye instead of covering her ears in one picture.

The striking shots drew mixed reactions from people on social media with some fans scoffing at the unconventional positioning of the headphones. Others made Illuminati jokes.

The “Act Bad” rapper didn’t appreciate the criticism. She addressed the reaction to her photo shoot on Instagram Live, saying she’s “more than happy” with the Mowalola x Beats pics.

JT grew passionate when talking about what it meant for her to land a fashion campaign. “You don’t always see faces like mine. You do not always see girls with [a] big nose, big a** cheekbones. You know, usually you see narrow faces in these spaces… It’s not just for fashion people. Like, campaigns are not just for people who look a certain type of way,” she said adding, “This for my darkskin girls… This Ms. Mugshot is now faces of brands.”

The lyricist went on to explain that she decided to go live after seeing a negative TikTok video about her modeling choices. Near the end of the stream, JT got a little spicy, telling critics, “Y’all don’t got no range. Let’s start there. Y’all b**ches ain’t gonna never have no range because y’all care too much about what other b**ches think. And I don’t give a f**k about what y’all think.”

This isn’t JT’s first foray into the fashion world. With what she calls an “alt-pretty” style, the rapper has garnered interest from numerous designers and labels. In addition to her work with Mowalola x Beats, she recently shot a campaign for the London-based line Poster Girl. JT also created her own lifestyle brand called TheGirlJTWORLD with plans to make everything from fashion to home goods.