Last Saturday (Sept. 9), Deion Sanders led the Colorado Buffaloes to their second straight victory against Nebraska in front of more than 53,000 attendees at Folsom Field. According to Yahoo! Sports, FOX’s “Big Noon Saturday” broadcast of the college matchup drew in 8.73 million viewers, making it the most-watched regular season Pac-12 game and the 10th most-watched regular season college football game ever for the network.

On Wednesday (Sept. 13), the head coach’s son, Deion Sanders Jr., published a behind-the-scenes video that saw Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267 paying a visit to the University of Colorado. While there, the “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” hosts checked out the well-equipped food hall, roamed the campus with team staff, and kicked it with Prime in his sprawling office. During a lengthy conversation, the former NFL star revealed to the podcasting duo just how much money the aforementioned home opener apparently generated for the city of Boulder. “They say the city made $18 million last weekend,” Deion said. “That’s what’s really important. The city love when you win because everybody around here wins,” Gillie explained in response to the news.

Elsewhere in the jovial exchange, the group mentioned how regular appearances from many within the Black and hip hop communities are becoming increasingly likely as the season wears on, which led to a joke from Deion. “You know, they say by the time we play USC, they say it’s gonna look like the BET Awards,” he quipped.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Deion addressed his critics after the team’s first win against TCU earlier this month. “When you see a confident Black man sitting up here talking his talk, walking his walk, coaching 75 percent African Americans in the locker room, that’s kind of threatening,” the two-time Super Bowl champion explained. “Oh, they don’t like that. But guess what? We’re gon’ consistently do what we do because I’m here and ain’t going nowhere, and I’m ’bout to get comfortable in a minute.”