On Tuesday (Sept. 12), Zane Lowe unveiled a new Apple Music interview with Earl Sweatshirt, who was fresh off of a four-date tour in celebration of Doris‘ 10th anniversary. During the sit-down, the Odd Future alum reflected on the debut album and his mindset at that time.

“I’m not going to lie. It kind of just brought back, just everything from that time. And some of the ambiguity, that’s what I think really stuck out to me,” he said. “I was 18. I was trying to figure it out. They were like, ‘You’re the big rapper, make an album.’ That’s why I think part of that album was a deliberate shot in the parachute, or in the foot… It was too big for me at the time.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Sweatshirt teamed up with The Alchemist for the surprise album VOIR DIRE back in August, which they christened by throwing a quick-strike listening event at London’s Jazz Cafe on the day of its release. “The reason why I gravitated to Al so much is because I was privileged in not having that much experience in weird studio sessions,” the Cali star explained when asked about working with the legendary beatsmith. “I had only just come from OF, and that was that type of environment. Like, 10 rappers, highly competitive, openly competitive. I love that s**t. It was like that at Al’s, too, you know what I mean?”

Sweatshirt’s relationship with his mother, decorated UCLA School of Law professor Cheryl Harris, has been highly publicized throughout his career. “I think me and my mom have mutual appreciation sessions sometimes,” he realized. “Watching my mom process… has been, I guess, really illuminating to me, too. Just watching my mom process an adult child, or her adult child, you know what I’m saying?”