REVOLT WORLD is less than three weeks away and Atlanta residents are eager for all the event has to offer. From panels to live tapings of their favorite podcast shows, people who live in the city are ready to kick off the festivities.

According to REVOLT Chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs, the event is set to carry on the legacy of the previous REVOLT Summit by providing the culture with tangible resources and experiences that leave their mark on everyone in attendance.

“REVOLT WORLD was created to celebrate the global impact of hip hop and introduce a new live event category that represents the highest level of entertainment, education, and opportunity,” said Combs. “Our vision was to build on the tremendous success of REVOLT Summit and deliver a first-of-its-kind event that reimagined the intersection of culture, community and connections with the most influential leaders across generations.”

As the countdown begins, REVOLT caught up with seven Atlanta residents to discuss what they’re looking forward to the most ahead of the festivities. Check out what they had to say below!

1. Erica Crowe, IT Business Analyst

“I’ve always heard great things that REVOLT is doing, but being that I don’t work in the world of media and entertainment, I’ve always wondered what value it would bring to me and my career, so I’m eager to pick up any gems that may be laying around at REVOLT WORLD when it comes to tech and entrepreneurship,” said Erica Crowe.

She continued: “I love music and media and thoroughly enjoy observing panels, so I’m really excited to see some of those. Also, being from Detroit, I love to see our artists performing, so I’ll definitely be in attendance to see Babyface Ray perform!”

2. PUSH, local Atlanta artist

As an Atlanta native, PUSH explains how the event further proves the amount of influence the city has on the music industry and culture.

“Being a lifetime local and artist from Atlanta, I’m most excited for the first REVOLT WORLD being here because it shows Atlanta as a true staple in the hip hop community with the ability to bring out the biggest stars,” he shared. “The energy in the city is going to be out of this world and put us on the map even more than we already are. The REVOLT Summit was epic, so I know this will be a time to remember.”

3. Diana Garcia, founder of Shaking The Culture

“I’m excited that REVOLT is giving Atlanta a weekend in their world,” Garcia, who owns a platform that is “the trusted voice for artists, creatives, performers, and entrepreneurs” who are shifting the culture, told us. “With my favorite REVOLT shows like ‘Drink Champs,’ ‘Assets Over Liabilities,’ and just the overall experience to learn, I know this will be a life-changing event.”

4. Damoneke Harper, co-owner of BLK House Games

When you own a game company dedicated to the culture, it’s only right to be in attendance at REVOLT WORLD. This will be Harper’s first time coming to an event led by the network she’s been a fan of for the last decade.

“I am so thrilled to see REVOLT WORLD come to my city,” she said. “Black art is everything to me and to see it showcased in so many different ways and levels through this event is so exciting. Atlanta is the perfect place for what I know will be an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to connect, learn and have some fun.”

5. Booney, Atlanta emcee

Born on the Southside of Atlanta and as someone who considers himself to be a true Grady baby, Booney has witnessed the evolution of his city over the last 29 years. Last year, he attended the REVOLT Summit and was able to walk away with resources and valuable information to prepare for the release of his debut solo project. He expressed his excitement for what the new event entails.

“I’m excited about the exposure the city of Atlanta is getting when it comes to REVOLT WORLD,” he said. “Creatives like myself are introduced and inspired to new ways of thinking. Having the chance to attend the REVOLT WORLD will provide opportunities to the growth of my success. Why would I want to be anywhere in the world but REVOLT WORLD?”

6. Jasmine Johnson, journalist and host of “Sessions With Jas”

Fully immersed in the industry as a journalist and publicist, Jasmine is very familiar with all that REVOLT has to offer. More than anything, she’s looking forward to the live elements of the fun time.

“I’m excited for the live taping of shows like ‘Caresha Please,’ ‘Drink Champs,’ and more, as I’ve been watching them since the very beginning,” she admitted. “Additionally, I’m looking forward to the live performances of the headliners! It will be such an iconic moment for Atlanta as it is the city of music.”

7. Aye RK, Atlanta creative

“I’m excited to see all of the music industry influencers gather in the city for this major event that I can actually be a part of,” Aye RK told REVOLT while also revealing that this will be his first time at an event of this magnitude. “I know that being around so much talent will help me further my own music experience as an artist and overall creative. It will also allow me to network with many influential people. I can’t wait!”

Click here to learn more about REVOLT WORLD. See you there!