Well-known Twitch streamer Kai Cenat released the trailer for his new film Global Pursuit on Thursday (Aug. 24).

Starring Cenat and his friend Ray, Global Pursuit is a buddy cop film with a Rush Hour feel. The duo teams up against Asian bad guys, and the film is full of hilarious antics. Cenat reportedly met Ray, who started off as a fan of the streamer, during a recent trip to Japan. The two became good friends and decided to work on the project together.

Additionally, fans who watched the trailer pointed out the cameo of Lil Yachty, who is also a good friend of Cenat’s. It starts with someone confusing the streamer for the musician, and they start singing “Strike.” At the end of the trailer, Cenat is chased by a crowd of women who believe he is Lil Yachty. Cenat is chased past a man reading a newspaper, who is revealed to be the rapper. He is unbothered by the crowd running past him, and he continues reading his newspaper.

Yachty has been unstoppable at creating new music with his latest release being his “TESLA” single, so it is easy to understand why the rapper would want to team up with the Twitch icon.

Cenat’s film release follows an incident that left the Twitch streamer in legal trouble after his Sony PlayStation 5 giveaway, which took place in Union Square in New York City on Aug. 4. Other hot-ticket items were also part of the giveaway.

What was supposed to be a fun event turned into chaos after fans started rioting. Cenat was arrested and charged with unlawful assembly and inciting a riot, and he later stated that he was disappointed in those who took part in the rioting.

Global Pursuit was released today, Aug. 25, and fans can stream the film on YouTube. Peep the aforementioned cameo below.