After coming under fire for the way she allegedly treats her dancers, Lizzo has received a supportive message from her current dance crew that was made public on social media. The compassionate note was signed by “the Big Grrrls and Big Boiiis,” so it is unclear which individuals were included.

The message posted to the Big Grrrls Instagram page read: “We had the time of our lives on ‘The Special Tour.’ We have been so honored to share the stage with such amazing talent. The commitment to character and culture taking precedence over every movement and moment has been one of the greatest lessons and blessings that we could possibly ask for.”

The post also mentioned that the dancers are thankful for Lizzo “shattering limitations and kicking in the doorway for the Big Grrrl and Big Boiii dancers to do what we love.” It continued on to say: “You have created a platform where we have been able to parallel our passion with a purpose! Not only for us, but for [women] and all people breaking barriers.”

Earlier this month, three of Lizzo’s former dancers filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her that also included allegations of intimidation and weight-shaming. The three plaintiffs — Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez — named Lizzo and her Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc. in the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles.

Following public scrutiny, Lizzo issued a response to the claims on Twitter denying the allegations. In her post, she wrote: “I am not the villain that people and the media have portrayed me to be these last few days. I am very open with my sexuality and expressing myself, but I cannot accept or allow people to use that openness to make me out to be something I am not.”

Peep the full message of support from her dance crew below.