On Friday (Aug. 4), Lil Yachty dropped off an EP titled Slide, which consisted of the title track, the April drop “Strike (Holster),” and “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY,” a hard-hitting effort that the Atlanta rapper first performed during an AMP cypher in July. Produced by Gentuar Memishi and Beats By Bangs, “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY” contains a single verse full of boastful lines about money and everything that comes with it.

“I don’t like discussions, I’m too rich for fussin’, look her dead in her eyes and have that p**sy bustin’, I ain’t ever cuffin’, if my corner baby die, he psyched out, still, your baby daddy broke, no need for him to write a will, I put paint on my nails, b**ches f**kin’ still, it’s old money in my bank that I’m spendin’ still, lifestyle s**t get twisted, I been livin’ shady, I been beatin’ up that sack like I’m Devin Haney, I don’t need a rap friend, I’ma step solo, I try anything once, the lifestyle YOLO…”

The accompanying clip is courtesy of AMD Visuals and begins with audio from popular streamer Kai Cenat. Yachty is then spotted riding around in the back of his Hummer EV and chilling on top of an old-school Mercedes-Benz at what looks like a Buddhist temple.

Back in January, Yachty decided to step outside of the hip hop realm with Let’s Start Here. The experimental, psychedelic album consisted of 14 songs with contributions from Daniel Caesar, Fousheé, Diana Gordon, Justine Skye, and Teezo Touchdown. Since then, the Quality Control-signed talent appeared on notable cuts like Sada Baby’s “OLD SKOOL WHOOP,” Doe Boy’s “KARDASHIANS,” Rylo Rodriguez’s “Taylor Port Junkie,” and Zack Bia’s “Flowers.” This Friday (Aug. 11), Yachty will join Miguel on a new single titled “Number 9.” Press play on “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY” below.