The Black community continues to rejoice over a fight that took place at Montgomery, Alabama’s Riverfront Park. As REVOLT previously reported, video footage released on social media showcased a fight between a group of white boaters and Black individuals who alleged witnesses claimed came to the aid of a dock employee. Following the apparent beatdown of the former group, the internet has been full of hilarious takes on the situation.

In an Instagram post shared earlier today (Aug. 7), Plies joined in on the discussion with an animated reaction of his own. “B**ch, I wish I was in Alabama tonight!” the Floridian rapper could be heard saying while play fighting solo in his bathroom. “Yea, them boys caught y’all funky a**es tonight! Them boys was giving it to y’all… Them boys ain’t bulls**tin’ in Alabama. Y’all gonna stop thinking them boys is bulls**tin’ in Alabama. Y’all thought s**t was sweet out there.”

In one of the many clips shared from that day, an unnamed woman attempted to give a breakdown of the incident that was reportedly taking place in front of her. “These white folks jumped on this Black man that work security. We tryna get on the Sip-n-Cycle, the [boat] tryna come through. This man was tellin’ em to move, ’cause the [boat] couldn’t dock, so folks could get off… Why these folks done swung on, jumped on this Black man? The crew members done jumped off, they whoopin’ a**,” she explained.

Makina Lashea, a family publicist representing an involved teenager identified only as Aaren, shared an official statement (above) that described him as a “young hero” who “selflessly came to the rescue of a fellow colleague.” “Aaren’s unwavering commitment brings immense pride to his parents, leaving him feeling grateful and touched by the strong support of the community. With his sights set on the future, he is eagerly preparing for a successful upcoming school year,” the message read.