Usher is more than gearing up for the release of his long-anticipated new album. Fans have waited seven years for his big return to music. His last studio album was 2016’s Hard II Love, and in 2018, he dropped “A”, a collaborative project with producer Zaytoven, to test the waters.

On Friday (Aug. 4) he released what is believed to be his second single, “Good Good,” from the upcoming project whose title has yet to be revealed. The new record features Summer Walker and 21 Savage. On the track, Usher croons over exes who found their perfect match in each other just at the wrong time. It’s a topic that many will find relatable, a sentiment he hopes his male audience resonates with when they hear the album.

On it he sings, “I hate that we didn’t make it to forever/ Probably ain’t gettin’ back together/ But that don’t mean that I can’t wish you better (Oh-oh)/ We ain’t good good, but we still good/ I realize that I can’t be your lover/ Let’s just keep it honest with each other/ I’ll be happy for you when you find another.”

In a new feature for VIBE, also published on Friday, he said the album is specifically geared towards sharing some of the inner-most thoughts of men. “This ain’t even about music. It’s about life for men. There’s a truth in it because I think women will listen to it and be like, ‘I feel that way, too,’” he told the outlet. Still, Usher is clear that he is “speaking specifically to men or for men, though. I’m trying to make it clear that you’ve got to go through these things, and there’s nothing that we can do about it.”

Elaborating more on the growing pains of manhood, he added, “Unfortunately, it’s the reality of what it is to be one. And we keep going through the same thing, we’re battling the same thing. Even if we’re happy, we’re battling the same issues, whether you choose to share it or not. We cope and deal with the same emotional stuff, we just don’t necessarily always have an outlet.” Usher previously hinted that fans could have the new album by the end of 2023, but an official release date has not been announced.