Lizzo continues to amaze her fans as she shows off her gift for flute playing in an unexpected yet adventurous setting.

Earlier today (July 28), the Texas native uploaded a video of herself online. At the beginning of the clip, Lizzo was seen with mascara being applied to her eyelids, surrounded by glitter. Meanwhile, a voice in the background said, “But she was not just any girl. She was a fairy.” Afterward, the clip transitioned to the Special singer standing in front of Bag End, an underground dwelling created for the Hobbits characters in the popular The Lord of the Rings film series. To compliment the setting, Lizzo wore a blonde wig and pointy ears like the elves in the film. “I used to write myself as the hero in my fantasy stories… Now I’m the hero in real life,” she captioned her Instagram post.

In Lizzo’s comment section, her fans showered her with love as they referenced her homage to the award-winning franchise and her caption about being a hero. One IG user wrote, “You really are a hero, [baby]. You helped me build my confidence to deal with the bullies.” Another fan added, “Love a fairy with a flute.” Meanwhile, a third person stated, “Serving elf realness.” Yesterday (July 27), Lizzo shared an earlier clip featuring the Bag End. At the time, she stood just outside its circle door as she mimicked a tune played during one of the franchise’s movies with her flute.

The Grammy Award winner’s interest in fantasies is nothing new to many of her admirers. In April, she appeared on Disney’s “The Mandalorian.” In the space western series, Lizzo starred as the Duchess alongside actor Jack Black who portrayed Captain Bombardier, both the rulers of Plazir-15. The 35-year-old performer later reveled in the opportunity on social media by tweeting, “I’m in ‘Star Wars,’ y’all!”