Missy Elliott is a force in the music industry who continues to shine a light on artists from the past, present, and future.

On Thursday (July 13), Elliott highlighted New York native Tweet and her musical gifts. In 2002, the two artists joined forces on Tweet’s hit single “Oops (Oh My),” one of their many collaborations. The R&B singer featured the track on her debut album, Southern Hummingbird.

“We do not talk about Tweet harmonies enough!” Elliott wrote above a video of Tweet singing. “She birthed a vocal sound that should NOT go unnoticed. [Tweet] comes from a family of gospel quartet singers. That’s why her vocals in the R&B world vibe felt DIFFERENT. It was a gospel raw yet sultry feel! And her PEN GAME.” Shortly after, a fan commented on Tweet’s guitar playing being underrated. The 52-year-old producer retweeted their post and responded, “[Tweet] held her guitar like that because she taught herself how to play. And on her lap that allowed her to see the strings to strum.”

Another user shared a post about how the Honey actress seemingly passed down her gift of music to her child. “Yes, Tweet’s daughter [Shenice] is saucy vocally. [It] run in the [family],” Elliott commented. Regarding the video of Tweet and Tashawna singing, the Grammy Award winner added, “This was the playing around.” Later, a third user suggested a streaming platform create a documentary about Elliott and the artists she’s worked with throughout her career. “I really need Netflix to commission a Missy Elliott docuseries where she talks to some of the artists she’s collaborated with because she’s always dropping gems on Twitter for free. A living legend!”

Last month, in an interview with Atlanta News First, Tweet opened up about how Elliott saved her life and motivated her to pursue a solo career. “Missy is the one who pushed me out there,” Tweet unveiled. “At the time when I was really depressed and almost thinking about…. suicidal thoughts, she called. That day, you know, I was thinking, she said, ‘Come out to LA and do some of the background vocals for her album.’ And I did that. And that’s when she pushed me. She kinda saved my life. That’s why I called her my guardian angel.”