It’s been five years since Jay Rock liberated his third studio LP, Redemption, a critically acclaimed effort that saw assists from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Future, J. Cole, Jeremih, and Mozzy across 15 tracks. Since then, the Cali star made the occasional appearance on songs like Lil Wayne’s “Bing James,” Problem’s “Nothin,” Juicy J’s “MEMPHIS TO LA,” and Isaiah Rashad’s “True Story.”

On Tuesday (June 27), the TDE-signed artist returned with a new single titled “Eastside,” which features Kal Banx. As the title suggests, the aggressive cut heavily refers to Rock‘s old stomping grounds.

“Eastside got that dope, b**ch, I’m servin’ it, Bent’ GT, I’m swervin’ it, tell me what’s the word, lil’ b**ch? F**k what you heard and s**t, hood tat’ on me permanent, where you from? Ain’t heard of it, show me ‘fore you owe me, lil’ h**, we ain’t bool, b**ch, f**k with me, my mood switch, s**t, whip a n**ga a** ’til my hand hurt, pull that yoppa out and see who leg work, Eastside be the mecca, b**ch, don’t ever get it backwards…”

In an interview with Bootleg Kev (above), Rock opened up about his forthcoming body of work. “The new album is great. Everybody’s like, ‘Man, what’s been taking you so long?’ The fans been beating me up on Instagram and all that,” he admitted. “It’s just about making good quality music. I’m tryna do an album like my last one, where you ain’t gotta skip s**t.”

He continued, “People know who I am. It’s Jay Rock. I can rap circles around a lot of people. The hits is crazy. They’re knockout blows, for sure. I’ve just been taking my time. I don’t want to come out sounding like everybody else.”

Press play on “Eastside” below.