On Saturday (June 17) morning, a Black man was found stabbed to death on a Manhattan train that was traveling southbound and had just reached the 14th Street/Union Square station. Authorities later identified him as 32-year-old Tavon Silver.

What makes Silver’s story even more disturbing is, according to The New York Post, just one year ago, he was involved in a similar attack. Police state that in June 2022, the gay Black man was stabbed in his arm after an individual shouted homophobic slurs at him as he rode a subway train in the Bronx.

During an interview with news station Fox 5 New York after the 2022 incident, Silver recalled the traumatizing ordeal. “Next thing I know, like, I had a hole in my arm. Like blood was gushing everywhere. It was one straight cut, and he took a giant chunk of my wrist. He literally cut my wrist off. So, like, if you look straight through, you can see my bone,” Silver remembered of his interaction with the first assailant. “He came walking by us as I was losing consciousness on the floor, bleeding out. And he just walked right by us, and he was like, ‘Here you go, you stupid [homophobic slur].'”

Records list 52-year-old Runadieo Jordan as the suspect in the June 2022 stabbing. He is expected in court next month for charges stemming from that case. Yesterday (June 19), police arrested 33-year-old Claude White for the death of Silver. White was described as a homeless man who was also charged earlier this month for robbing a bank in Manhattan. He was reportedly arrested six other times in separate incidents before the fatal crime. “I was devastated. It was like, this just can’t be real. The same situation, but this time it led to his death,” LeSean Griffin, Silver’s former fiancé, said.