Ari Lennox is ready to make her big acting debut if Hollywood comes calling.

On Thursday (June 15), the talented songstress spoke with MTV. During the interview, Lennox opened up about her online audition for The Princess and the Frog. Her public interest came after rumors began circulating about a possible live-action remake.

When recalling the audition, Lennox said, “There were rumors that they were in the works with The Princess and the Frog. So I was like, well, let me just put myself out there. And I was just kind of inspired, clearly inspired by Anika, and I just wanted to do it, try to do it, like her. And I just gave it all the best I could. So, you know, it’s just me having a good time, and we’ll see what life has for me. But I’m open to anything.”

She continued, “I just, whatever acting debut I have, I want it to be so meaningful to me. And The Princess and the Frog, it really feels special to me. Hercules is one of my favorite movies ever. There’s so many movies that I love… I would love to be a part of,” Lennox said before adding, “I wanna act so bad. I want the perfect opportunity to do that.”

As the conversation continued, the “Shea Butter Baby” performer revealed her ideal list of roles she would be interested in along with the part of Disney’s princess Tiana. “A chance to be a part of The Princess and the Frog, even if I’m a flower in the background, that would be an awesome opportunity to get my foot in the door. Hercules, I would be honored to be Meg or a muse or, like, a column. I’ll do anything,” she noted. “I wanna be involved.”