From Blue Ivy Carter making her crowd-pleasing debut to jaw-dropping visuals, and viral wedding proposals, the “Renaissance World Tour” has given us many memorable moments to discuss. The latest topic at hand? A fan who caught a pair of Beyoncé’s designer shades is now auctioning them off.

BeyHive members are buzzing! Many are upset with a fan’s decision to make a profit off of a gift from the “ALIEN SUPERSTAR.” In a May 30 clip uploaded to TikTok, a user named Global Valentino shared a once-in-a-lifetime concert experience with his followers. In the video, which now has over a million views, Beyoncé tossed a pair of shades to a fan standing in the front row. His screams of excitement were soon cut short when, for some reason, security guards approached him and took the designer frames from his grasp.

@globalvalentino I’m 1 of 1 🐝🪩me and @khal caught the glasses!! best experience ever, this meant so much!❤️‍🔥#beyonce #renaissanceworldtour #clubrenaissance #globalvalentino ♬ original sound – Global Valentino🗺

Beyoncé witnessed the incident, and later in the show, returned to the same fan and gave him the shades back. Iconic. But now, that TikToker is giving away the gift for a hefty price. Today (June 15), The New York Post published an exclusive interview with Global Valentino discussing his decision to sell. According to the outlet, the young man caught the “Formation” singer’s Off-White sunglasses at her London show and placed them on an auction site on Tuesday (June 13). They are now going for nearly $20,000. “It was a very difficult choice to make as a fan,” he said before confessing, “I’m a committed filmmaker who has chosen to auction the glasses to invest in my family and career.”

Her supporters were livid. “[I don’t care] if I was ever in financial trouble, those glasses [were] a gift from BEYONCÉ,” one person tweeted. “I’d be wearing those in a cardboard box,” another added. One individual said they were “actually so pissed because SHE SEARCHED FOR YOU IN ORDER TO GIVE THEM [TO YOU]… AGAIN!” However, not all of the messages were so unforgiving. “With this economy, I was selling them shades, [too], and I LOVE Beyoncé… people are struggling, [what the f**k?] Beyoncé didn’t give them to the fan and say, ‘Keep these for the rest of your life.’ She gave them out with the knowledge of them potentially being sold,” a user responded.

Global Valentino isn’t letting the swarm break his soul. “Being gifted an item twice by Beyoncé will certainly remain the fondest memories of my life so far,” he told the publication. The auction for the shades goes live on July 4 at 10 a.m. U.K. time.

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