After her collaboration with the Jordan Brand sold out, Teyana Taylor gifted fans with a commercial featuring the collection.

On Tuesday (June 6), the 32-year-old released a fairytale-inspired video starring herself, NFL Quarterback Jalen Hurts, hitmaker DJ Khaled, and more. Like the classic stories, Taylor, leaning over an apartment window with Rapunzel-like hair, was invited to a ball by Hurts.

She checked out the invitation, but initially declined to go. That is until her fairy godfather Khaled convinced her through a glass mirror. After being transformed, Taylor headed to the ball in a Jordan dress and her “A Rose From Harlem” sneakers, where Hurts and others awaited. But when the clock struck 23, the Harlem native had to go, leaving a rose pin from her shoe. Hurts later returned it.

“Dreams and fairytales are more realistic than the mind perceives it be. A tangible dream is simply a non-fictional fairytale. As a dreamer, I was often afraid to join life’s magic on the dance floor until I truly started believing myself. Growing up, I was not the typical girl or kid, for that matter. I knew life had more to offer,” Taylor captioned her Instagram post. “This sneaker represents not only my story, but it represents everyone who has a dream. Be brave enough to be different, and allow life and time to evolve you.”

She noted the mini movie was her “love letter to Harlem and all of the dreamers around the world.” The multihyphenate talent also gave a shoutout to fans that helped her Jordan sneakers sell out. “A special thank you to Father God, The whole Jordan family, my friends, family, all my supporters, rose petals, all my petunias, team Teyana and [the] Neutch nation. We sold out The Rose In Harlem 1’s in less than six minutes. I am forever grateful.”