Today (June 6), Damar Hamlin made a full return to the field. As previously reported by REVOLT, late last month, the Buffalo Bills safety was spotted doing light drills with his team after being fully cleared to play again in April.

During the May 23 practice session, Hamlin took it easy and never wore a helmet while getting back into the swing of things. On Jan. 2, he collapsed during a Monday Night Football live broadcast against the Cincinnati Bengals, and it was later revealed he suffered a cardiac arrest. However, today the 25-year-old suited up — helmet included. Buffalo Bills reporter for ESPN, Alaina Getzenberg, called it a “big step forward.”

“Hamlin was slow to get up from a contested ball in a team drill and spent brief time with athletic trainers looking at his right arm [and] shoulder. He threw his helmet in frustration but returned to practice and continued participating shortly after,” she tweeted with highlights of the plays. It has been approximately six months since the athlete’s near-fatal accident which left him hospitalized for an extended period of time in both Cincinnati and Buffalo.

“Really proud of him to take that next step,” Bills general manager Brandon Beane said of Hamlin’s progress. “[I] texted his parents afterwards, like, just so proud of him and thrilled for where he’s at in his journey. He’s still got more milestones to hit, but to think back, we’re just at the beginning of June, and that was the beginning of January, and we were just hoping he’d live, and now he’s not only got a normal life, but we’re talking about playing, not any football, NFL football. So, thrilled for him, all the people that have been around him, and it’s an amazing story.” Outside of sports, the pro baller recently shared plans to travel the nation teaching youth about life-saving CPR techniques.