Issa Rae has been checking the boxes as she knocks down lifetime achievements, but being Usher’s “Superstar” is among the top of the list, as far as fans are concerned. Last October, the “Insecure” creator had social media in an uproar when the crooner pulled her onstage during one of his Las Vegas residency performances.

Being the object of the Grammy Award winner’s affection, even if just for a few minutes as part of his show, is a dream come true for swooning fans. But it was the complete opposite for Issa. On Friday (June 2), she divulged details about her real reaction to being put on the spot by Usher.

“That was like my worst nightmare come to life just because it’s Usher,” she told “The Morning Hustle” radio show hosts. Footage from her time onstage showed her coyly smiling and grooving ever so cautiously as Usher serenaded her. At another point, she is seen sitting on steps leading up to the stage while he lays his head in her lap.

“Obviously, [I] grew up with, like, having a crush on Usher, loving Usher’s music. I wanted to go there to enjoy the show and sit my married a** back and, you know, watch it,” she explained. Despite being a well-known face amongst the crowd, Issa said it never occurred to her that she might be hand-picked to star in the intimate performance.

“Like, when he came out, like, for the first song, he was like, ‘Hey,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, he sees me.’ Then I was like, ‘Oh no,’ and I turned to my friends. I was like, ‘Y’all, if he pulls me onstage, don’t let me go. Do not.’ And so they’re like, ‘We got you, girl.’ And of course, as soon as he did it, they were like, ‘Girl, just go! Go! If it’s not you, like, I’ll go.’ But he’s incredible.”

Check out Issa playing it cool with the King of R&B below.