NLE Choppa tapped into his sentimental side to pen a heartfelt open letter to his daughter, Clover, ahead of her third birthday next month. The proud father affectionately refers to his little one as his angel in a post shared to his Instagram page on May 27.

“Clover literally changed my life,” said the Memphis native, who attributed his spiritual awakening to a desire to be a present father. He continued, “‘Cause I knew longevity in my life was needed to be in yours. So thank you, Clover, for maturing me faster than anything that’s ever happened to me in life. You are the reason I want better. You are the reason I love. You are the reason I live.”

NLE Choppa then somberly reflected on dark times in the past when he considered self-harm his only recourse for coping with inner turmoil. “Before you [were] here, I was contemplating suicide. When I found out you were conceiv[ed], you gave me something to not only look forward to but something to live for! Thank you for saving my life, my little goddess. I’m forever in debt to you. I owe it all to you. You’re the reason I’m still here.”

Last January, he opened up on “The Breakfast Club” about the downside of having access to his every want with his newfound fame. “I feel like when you blow up, you get introduced to drugs, jewelry, money, sex — everything that you want, but nothing you need. And I just realized, internally, it was something I needed deeper than that, that my soul was happy with,” he disclosed. In previous interviews, he was equally transparent in talking about his battle with depression. Although, in the past year, he presented a more at-peace and upbeat version of himself. Fans now know that, that is in part thanks to his daughter.

As if his words weren’t touching enough, the “Champions” rapper gave fans a glimpse at a handful of precious bonding moments that he and Clover have shared together. See the post for yourself below.