On the latest episode of “Caresha Please,” Yung Miami welcomes Atlanta-based R&B singer Summer Walker fresh off the release of her new EP, CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE. Known for her unique blend of soulfulness and evocative lyricism, the star has captivated audiences with her raw talent. In this new episode, she delves into the creative process behind her projects, love life and more.

Check out the nine funniest and most honest moments from Thursday’s (May 25) installment of “Caresha Please” below. Plus, tune into the full episode here if you missed it.

1. On her new EP CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE

Before getting into some of the more risqué topics, Walker opened up about her latest full-length project, CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE. When Yung Miami asked the singer what her definition of a soft life was, Walker replied, “I’m in my soft girl era; trying to have a soft life. That means I’m not arguing with nobody. I’m not arguing with n**gas. I just want to relax. I just want to travel, raise my kids, and have a good time.”

Regarding the EP, she added, “CLEAR is all live music unlike my albums that have autotune and all that. The only difference is now I’m in a different space. I’m singing about a happier time and realizations about s**t that I didn’t understand.”

2. On working with J. Cole

Among the several standout cuts from her recent 10-track release, “To Summer, From Cole (Audio Hug)” sees the R&B star collaborating with J. Cole for the first time. The track, which serves as a letter of affirmation to the former, beautifully touches on themes of relief and letting go of the stresses that come with fame. Speaking on the song, Walker stated, “We got a song called ‘Audio Hug.’ I had asked him to do a song, he didn’t really get the time to do it. He wanted to meet and I was so f**king pregnant that I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t.’ I don’t know if you seen them damn pictures, but my ankles were so huge.”

She continued, “We didn’t meet but he ended up sending me this song called ‘Audio Hug.’ He was like, ‘It’s so sweet.’ I cried when I heard it. He was just being hella sweet and just saying he sees all the s**t that I went through and if I ever need to call him.”

3. On dealing with stage anxiety

From walking off stage to fans criticizing her lackluster performances, Walker has made it clear that it’s not easy doing shows, especially with her severe social anxiety. Though it’s something she’s constantly working on, as hinted by the singer enlisting Teyana Taylor as her creative director recently, many of Walker’s records show her most vulnerable side. “I f**k with my fans but we’re not friends and I hope they don’t take that the wrong way,” she said.

When Yung Miami asked about whether or not her stage anxiety has gotten better, she replied, “Just a little bit, not much more. I think it got a little better because it used to be real bad where I would just stand there. I wouldn’t even say a word, it’s gotten a little better. I’d just wait for the next song and don’t say s**t.”

4. On R&B being dead

A proclamation made several times in recent years by the likes of Diddy and Timbaland, the discussion around “R&B is dead” is a huge debate. While several new artists have been propelled into the limelight, the sounds and emotions that once defined R&B have strayed more and more each decade. When Caresha asked Walker whether the genre was dead or not, she declared, “No, but yes.”

“It is because they don’t be giving us R&B b**ches our props. We gotta work way harder. The pop b**ches, they get all the awards. They get all the s**t. I feel that they get the radio play, the praise, and it just makes the R&B girls feel like, ‘F**k it then,’” Walker explained. “But it’s not like it’s dead like people ain’t making the music ‘cause they making the music.”

5. On her current relationship with London on da Track

Walker’s RIAA-certified platinum album Over It was executive produced by her then-boyfriend London on da Track. Though the couple split in 2021, their tumultuous breakup and drama afterward have both been well-documented. Cutting straight to the chase, Miami asked Walker if she misses their relationship, to which she responded, “Hell no. It’s so funny, he came to get my baby the other day. He was walking through the door and I just ran up the steps. I don’t want see him or nothing.”

Admittedly, Walker revealed that she wishes things could’ve worked out between her and the platinum-selling producer. “I wish that we could’ve at least… If we wasn’t going to be together that we could’ve had a good co-parenting situation where we could still be cool enough to work. I can’t deny that we make really good music. I was trying to but I’m a no-bulls**t type of girl.”

6. On her biggest ick in a man

Continuing their discussion surrounding London, the singer-songwriter explained one of the many things she can’t stand about men. According to Walker, “There’s nothing worse to me than men who have enabling mothers, like, narcissists have enabling mothers. You can call a n**ga mama and be like, ‘He just did this, he just did that’ and they would be like, ‘[What you did to make him do that?]’ Like what you mean? That’s why he acts like that now ‘cause your a** ain’t never discipline him or tell him when he was wrong.”

7. On not posting her kids on social media

“Before I got in my church, I was posting my kid and when I got into the church, none of them post any of their kids. They were like, ‘The energy that can be put on them…’ And that’s true, you post your kids and the comments, they’re saying crazy, wild s**t. There’s pedophiles and all crazy type of s**t on the Internet.”

Being able to relate as a mother of two, Caresha revealed her experience as a mom, “As soon as you post your kids, they’re criticizing you about something. The way her hair look, what she got on. So I feel it 100 percent. I am a full-time mom, but I don’t post my kids because you really have to protect your kids. They are evil as f**k.”

8. On London on da Track moving on

Later in the interview, Walker expressed relief over London finding a new love interest in Shenseea. She commented on how his behavior improved after their relationship started in 2022. Walker candidly thanked the Jamaican dancehall rapper for the positive change in his demeanor and seemed genuinely pleased that he had moved on. “Shenseea, shout out to you b**ch. After she got in the picture, he started acting right. I was like, ‘Thank God, n**ga done moved on.’ It was wild in the beginning.”

9. On her relationship with Lil Meech

“It’s giving big Meech. He’s a good man, Savanna,” Walker told Yung Miami when asked about having sex with “BMF” actor and rapper Lil Meech. Last month, speculation about a possible romance between the two celebrities began to circulate when Meech was spotted at an event with an unidentified woman donning a pink ski mask. “I wanted at least like six months before people started to investigate,” Walker said.

“It’s fresh, you never know what can happen but so far it’s great,” she added. When Caresha asked the singer about having more kids, she revealed, “That’s what he said. He got some good hair. I’m having such a great time.”