Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade returned this week with another “Big Facts” episode featuring rapper Goldmouf Famgoon. The Georgia-based emcee stopped by to talk about several different topics including his journey in the music industry, his friendship with Young Jeezy, and so much more.

Life hadn’t always been easy for the “Legendary” emcee growing up in poverty on the Duncan Block in Macon, Georgia. At 13, the rapper was charged with a double homicide, and after dropping out of the sixth grade, Goldmouf turned to street life — often finding himself on the wrong side of the law. After teaming up with fellow artists Sedric “Ced Black” Peavy and Gary “G-Money” Ivey, the trio released a track titled “Hell in the ATL.” The rapper later established a record label called Young Gunz Ent with Kinky B and Jeezy.

However, even with his new venture, the “Hustle” emcee continued to have run-ins with the law. “I was still knee-deep in the streets. We were making music and s**t, but [the] music wasn’t paying my motherf**king bills,” Goldmouf told the hosts. He claimed that he would often get blamed for a series of murders that occurred in the area at the time. “Every time a n**ga gets killed in the hood, they always blame the s**t on me,” he alleged.

Ultimately Jeezy stepped in, urging the burgeoning artist to take his craft more seriously. Goldmouf said he couldn’t quite grasp the message then and cited that being in the streets provided income that music wasn’t at the time. He said he would often question his groupmates’ critics, humbly admitting, “I really didn’t understand then the s**t that I understand now.”

In 2002, Goldmouf was forced to take a break from making music after he was charged in Florida with attempted murder and sentenced to 35 years in prison. During what would be a 20-year bid, the emcee wrote two books, “First Verse: The Inside Story Of Gucci Mane And Young Jeezy Historic Rap Beef” and “Life Before Rap: A Glimpse Behind The Scene of Young Jeezy’s Rise to Stardom.”

However, after his release, Goldmouf is now finding himself back at the beginning of his journey to becoming a rap star. Still, he isn’t ready to give up just yet, telling host DJ Scream, “Music has always been one of my dreams, and I’m pretty good at music.” He acknowledged that it would require some practice considering he’s been away for over a decade, and so much has changed culturally and in music.

The “Drip” rapper’s upcoming album Now or Never speaks to his mission to make it big “because, for me, it’s either now or never. I’m going to either do this s**t now or I’m not going to do this s**t at all.”

Fans can expect to hear several features on the project from artists like Renni Rucci and longtime collaborator Jeezy. “I’m the only n**ga in the game that gets features from Jeezy without being signed to a major label,” he boasted.

It’s been two years since Goldmouf regained his freedom. When asked what’s the strangest thing he’s seen since his release, the rapper said he was shocked to see so-called “trap n**gas” documenting their illegal activities and sharing it on social media. “Back then, we didn’t take [any] pictures,” he explained.

Even with an Instagram account, the emcee says he still finds it difficult to post online – despite being pushed by his team – because he’s so “conditioned not to be putting pictures out there, not to post, but that’s what they want to see… [if] these n**gas don’t see these motherf**king chains and diamond and s**t then they don’t think it’s real… so you got to put that s**t in their face.”

Goldmouf believes most people online wouldn’t even be able to handle a life of fame and fortune. “A lot of these n**gas ain’t ready for that pressure though… they not ready for that pressure that comes with this s**t,” he said.

The conversation continued as Goldmouf opened more about his musical desire, readjusting to society and what he’s been doing to stay out of trouble since. If you enjoyed this recap, make sure to tune in every Thursday for new episodes of “Big Facts.” If you missed the latest installment, you can check it out here.