Mathew Knowles, the manager behind the powerhouse girl group Destiny’s Child, is hopeful for more music from the trio. The songstresses, famously consisting of his daughter Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, dominated the ‘99 and the 2000s (and beyond) before the members disbanded to pursue other endeavors.

In an exclusive interview published yesterday (May 22) by Entertainment Tonight, Mathew confessed his fingers are crossed for “one last album.” “It’s a decision that the ladies would have to make. And I would certainly, certainly support that decision as I still manage Destiny’s Child. I would love to see that as well,” the proud father revealed to the outlet.

The group, formed in the ‘90s in Beyoncé and Rowland’s hometown of Houston as Girls Tyme, soared to international heights following their 1998 debut album, Destiny’s Child. After releasing several chart-topping projects and going through a few changes with members, 2006 marked their last year with the alias — although in 2018, Rowland and Williams gave fans the surprise of a lifetime when they joined Bey on stage at Coachella. Mathew believes the group’s following would be thrilled to witness the magic again. “I think the fans will be just overjoyed, overwhelmed. And hopefully, they do one last time in their career. Hopefully, they give us one last album. Who knows? You never know. You never say it can’t happen because this is entertainment. A lot of things can happen,” he said.

The 71-year-old record executive also reminisced on what it took for the girls to obtain stardom: “Doing Destiny’s Child, that was not happenstance or luck, that was strategy that each one of them will build their own unique following. And their own unique base, come back together [as] Destiny’s Child, go back out as solo artists. That was all strategy.”