Lizzo is currently on “The Special 2our,” and at a recent stop, she decided to mix in a brief history lesson. While performing at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday (May 20) evening, the “Truth Hurts” songstress honored Black Wall Street’s legacy.

“History is meant to be learned from. I don’t want to talk about the tragedy because we know about the tragedy. Can we just talk about the prosperity of Black Wall Street?” the 35-year-old said while on stage. Lizzo continued, “That is the result of when you let people just be themselves, when you let people be a community, when you let them mind they business.” On May 21, 1921, a large mob of white supremacist terrorists descended upon a successful area of the city inhabited by Black residents and business owners. The hateful group spent two days rioting and burning down the neighborhood in what became known as the Tulsa Race Massacre.

“And we’re seeing the exact same thing happening today. Marginalized communities are being tampered with. Our rights are being taken away. It’s still happening, 1920 to 2023 is still happening — still woke Tulsa!” Lizzo added. The “2 Be Loved” hitmaker’s show took place just a few blocks from where the racially motivated massacre happened. “I know you know your history, but they’re trying to take [it] out of schools. Educate each other because history is meant to be learned from,” she urged the crowd.

Several states have recently made headlines for banning teachings regarding topics such as critical race theory. In March, a Black man speaking in defense of the history lessons, was told to go back to his country, then escorted out of the Temecula, California school board meeting. Earlier this month, the Florida Department of Education began removing textbooks referencing George Floyd or the origins of Black Lives Matter.