On yesterday’s (May 17) episode of REVOLT’s “The Jason Lee Show,” the famous host got down to the bottom of drama brewing on Bravo’s hit reality series “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with the help of cast member Marlo Hampton. During her sit-down with Lee, Hampton opened up about her feud with castmate and former Miss USA pageant queen Kenya Moore, her journey on the “Housewives” franchise, being a mother figure to her nephews, and much more. Keep reading to see what you missed on this week’s show.

With the 15th season of the series currently airing, the reality star is celebrating her one-year anniversary since being promoted to a main cast member. When asked why it took over a decade to get the offer, the fashionista quipped, “Greatness takes time, I guess.”

Marlo Hampton joined “RHOA” during the show’s fourth season, which premiered Nov. 6, 2011, as a “friend of the Housewives” before being given a permanent spot. When Lee expressed that he, as well as many fans online, felt she should’ve been added to the main lineup much sooner, the reality star admitted she held similar feelings. “I held it down… with the housewives doing everything they do, bringing the drama,” she shared. However, the businesswoman felt her background, which included a run-in with the law, may have played a role in the delay. She told Lee, “I think people could not relate to my past.”

Hampton added, “I think with me being arrested, with me being just so straight up with [what] I say… no filter… It was just a lot. I think it was a lot for the network, for the people. It’s just like, ‘Oh my God, who is this Florida girl coming just so uncut?’” The television personality joked that she would fit better in an environment like the one created by the Hollywood Unlocked founder.

The 47-year-old said that while no one explicitly confirmed it, she felt that was the issue. Hampton continued, “Think about it… Why didn’t I get a peach? Why did I never receive a peach? I came on fashion. I came on fabulous. Why? It had to be that. That’s the only thing I could think of.” The reality star said the delay left her feeling like she had to “think about things that happened in your life because it could be held against you.”

Hampton also opened up about seemingly being held to a different standard than most and not feeling supported by Black women until recently. “I feel you love me or you don’t. And even for our Black women, I feel that a lot of them don’t support me like they should,” she admitted. “I feel that when I walk in a room, they’re looking, they’re frowning. Not until lately, I have an amazing group of Black women who have now just come supporting me, show me love, but it’s sad to say a majority of white women show me the most love.”

While she appreciates the backing she gets from her white counterparts, the stylist said it meant more to her “when a Black woman does come up to me or they called, and they’re like, ‘Marlo this’ or ‘I see this for you and the boys.’” She added elsewhere, “I just feel our women, we need to praise each other more, celebrate each other more, and we don’t do that.”

There wasn’t much praising and celebrating between her and her “RHOA” co-star Moore. The pair were once friends before a dispute led to a falling out that would reach its peak during season 14. Hampton accused the actress of using her, adding, “It’s just like a man that uses you.” She continued, “She knows how to be sweet and manipulate you.”

In the past, she expressed disappointment in the status of her friendship with her co-star, considering their various similarities and backgrounds. However, during the interview with Lee, Hampton made it clear that she didn’t want to spend too much time on the topic of Moore and quickly moved the discussion along.

Elsewhere, Marlo Hampton opened up about being a mother figure to her nephews William and Michael, despite not having her own children. The “munty” is temporarily raising her older sister’s two boys while her sibling is reportedly seeking treatment at a mental health facility.

Hampton was very transparent about her experience as she recalled the backlash she endured for being honest about how challenging and unprepared she was for the task. “I was new to this s**t,” she shared. “I’m just used to, ‘Oh, you want the PS5… you want clothes… you want your hair done… you want pizza… pizza on the way.’”

She continued, “I was driving them 45 minutes every day to school. As soon as I would get back to Buckhead, the school would call and say, ‘Oh, you have to come get such and such, he just got in a fight.’”

Still, Hampton maintained her sentiment that being a mother to someone is a tough responsibility. She said that people aren’t honest enough about parenting. “Being a mom is not f**king easy. Stop lying. I don’t want to hear that s**t,” the reality star insisted before emphasizing, “It takes a village.”

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