Last Thursday (April 20), Bebe Rexha and Snoop Dogg decided to celebrate the stoners’ holiday with a new single titled “Satellite,” a Joe Janiak-produced number that sees the pop-rap duo enjoying a smoke on wax.

“Rollin’ on the sofa, smoke another bowl ’til I black out, floatin’ on the ceilin’, sink into the feelin’, I’m spinnin’ now
Flyin’ over Venus, all the space between us just melts away, the sweetest dreams awaitin’, chasin’ my temptations in the Milky Way, last night, I got higher than a satellite, I took a one-way ticket, it’s a one-man mission to paradise, last night, I got higher than a satellite, I made a bad decision, baby, now I’m startin’ to feel alright…”

A matching visual for “Satellite” begins by showing the artists holding a conversation in a groovy setting. Following a request from Rexha to travel to outer space, Snoop guides his collaborator into an animated ship that’s shaped like a cannabis leaf and operated by actual buds of marijuana. The entire sequence is reminiscent of the classic cartoon “The Jetsons.”

“Satellite” is taken from Rexha‘s forthcoming third studio LP, Bebe, a nostalgic body of work that is said to draw influences from the likes of Diana Ross and Fleetwood Mac. In addition to Snoop, David Guetta and Dolly Parton will make appearances on the 12-song effort. Meanwhile, Snoop is still at work on his next album, Missionary, which will see Dr. Dre at the helm. In December of 2022, the Long Beach legend connected with fellow veterans E-40, Ice Cube, and Too $hort to deliver the aptly titled Snoop Cube 40 $hort, their official debut as Mount Westmore.

Press play on Bebe Rexha and Snoop Dogg‘s “Satellite” video below. The aforementioned Bebe project makes landfall at midnight (April 28).