On May 5, Armani White will bless the masses with a new EP titled Road To Casablanco. On Friday (April 21), the Philly talent provided a taste of what to expect with “SILVER TOOTH.,” a July Da Producer-backed effort that samples Bow Wow and The Neptunes’ classic track “Take Ya Home.” The catchy cut is perfect for White’s rhymes about his talents, women, and much more.

“First order of biz, no snitchin’, I try to keep it solid, but the kids don’t listen, happy birthday, got another hit, no flinchin’, I tell ’em, ‘Send a watch that I could fit both wrists in,’ with mystery, she on the glass tryna get her a** bigger, she think I’ma last ’cause I got a pass with her, and I ain’t tryna let her down, but I’m that n**ga, if you was tryna settle down, get a fat n**ga…”

“SILVER TOOTH.” arrives a few months after the runaway hit “GOATED.,” a booming collaboration alongside Denzel Curry that’s been making its rounds on TikTok. Prior to that, White created tidal waves with the equally dope cuts “BILLIE EILISH.” and “DIAMOND DALLAS.” in 2022.

During an appearance on REVOLT’s “Black Girl Stuff,” White opened up about his music and what sets him apart from others.

“This is the thing about hip hop that I started to realize… we sell trauma,” he explained. “We sell pain to each other, we continuously tell these dark, horror, traumatizing stories. I was like, ‘I went through a lot of trauma in my life. Why don’t I find a different way to explain this? Why don’t I find a different way to cater and give this to people?’ I’m talking about the same things, but I’m finding a brighter way.”

Press play on Armani White and A$AP Ferg’s “SILVER TOOTH.” single below.