On Friday (April 21), Belly announced that he has teamed up with Hit-Boy to create Mumble Rap 2, the sequel to 2017’s Mumble Rap. To get the fans ready, he also liberated a new single from the forthcoming project titled “American Nightmare,” which boasts additional production from DannyBoyStyles and Nick Lamb. Immediately upon pressing play, it’s clear that the Canadian emcee hasn’t lost a step, much in part thanks to boastful reminders about his lyrical abilities throughout.

“My life like a seesaw, they really thought I would fade away, f**k ’em all, I’ma ball ’til the league call, b**ch, you a hater by default, got a heart full of sea salt, I’d die for the s**t that I’m livin’ for, Lord, my life like a metaphor, every day, I wake up and the world different, dark addictions, really have my nerve twitchin’, had my momma cryin’ and my girl trippin’, quit the pill poppin’ and the syrup sippin’, f**k it, I took some L’s, but losin’ yourself is the worst mixture…”

“American Nightmare” came with a matching visual courtesy of Darren Craig. The trippy clip shows Belly and a masked passenger racing through the streets during a rain-filled evening.

Just before the music arrived, Belly shared a message on social media that explained the song’s subject matter.

“Coming from a place that the media constantly demonizes, I wanted to express how proud I am of being not only an Arab, but someone who’s been able to set an example for young Arabs everywhere,” he stated. “The Arabian dream feels like the American nightmare sometimes, but we’d rather be dreamers. It’s easy to be patient when you know what you’re destined for.”

Press play on Belly‘s “American Nightmare” video below. Mumble Rap 2 officially makes landfall May 19.