Twitter smells an Emmy nomination — and Damson Idris‘ name is all over it.

After the series finale of FX’s drama series “Snowfall,” viewers couldn’t help but rave about Idris’ performance as Franklin Saint. Many were in awe of how the 31-year-old British actor was able to convey emotions that felt real to fans. Since “Snowfall’s” last scene, watchers of the hit show have voiced their belief that Idris deserves a 2024 Emmy nomination for his amazing acting in the series.

One person hopped on Twitter and wrote, “Damson Idris absolutely, positively needs an Emmy for his ‘Snowfall’ performance. If not to get what he’s owed for these last six seasons, this finale proves that he’s mastered this role. He made Franklin Saint what we know him to be. He deserves all the awards for it.”

If Idris was to be nominated for a 2024 Emmy, it would be the first for the talented actor. Since “Snowfall” premiered in 2017, the series nor Idris have ever received a selection for an Emmy. Last year, when he spoke with Men’s Health, the star shared that while he was aware of the previous snubs, he didn’t care.

“We’re not connecting with a small group of people who vote on who’s going to win a trophy. This show is connecting to the world,” he told the outlet. “When I walk in London, people are screaming, ‘Franklin!’ When I walk in Budapest, people are screaming, ‘Franklin!’ When I walk in Nigeria, people are screaming, ‘Franklin!’ In Thailand, people are screaming, ‘Franklin!'”

But despite Idris being uninterested in “Snowfall” getting the award, fans have other thoughts. They are still pushing forward with their support for a nomination. Take a look at some of the Twitter users who believe Idris has earned himself an Emmy below: