LSU has a lot to celebrate as of late, and today (April 7), the famed Louisiana university got another reason. After defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes over the weekend and becoming the 2023 NCAA Division 1 champions, the school shared exciting news. Alexis Morris will attend this year’s WNBA Draft.

“Alexis Morris has been invited to attend the WNBA Draft! It will air on ESPN on Monday (April 10) at 6 p.m. CT live from New York City,” the Lady Tigers’ official Twitter account posted. Immediately, supporters praised the revelation. “Earned through hard work [and] determination! Much deserved! Way to geaux, Alexis Morris! We’re proud of you! LUTHOR!” one person responded. Many fans chimed in, affectionately referring to her by her nickname, Lex Luthor, a playful take on the DC comic book character.

“So proud of this young lady!” another supporter added. One person expressed how they wished New Orleans, conveniently located just a short drive away from LSU’s Baton Rouge campus, would acquire a WNBA team so Louisiana residents wouldn’t have to part with Morris: “Can we hurry up [and] add a team in NOLA so she can stay home?!” Only 15 players from across the nation were selected to make the trip to this year’s draft — a huge accomplishment for the Beaumont, Texas native.

Morris has had a massive week. In addition to her team winning the 2023 NCAA title, President Joe Biden also invited the young women to celebrate the victory at the White House. But it doesn’t end there. On Tuesday (April 4), the guard made another big announcement. “I would like to say thank you, Louisiana State University, for allowing me to be part of such an amazing institution, where the culture, the love and the passion is unmatched. You trusted me and supported me as an ambassador for this university,” she began. “It is with careful thought and consideration that I am excited to enter my name into the 2023 WNBA Draft,” Morris added in a heartfelt and lengthy message.

We wish the young star the best on her journey. See what others are saying of her achievements below.