As previously reported by REVOLT, Taura Brown, a 44-year-old terminally ill Detroit resident, was facing eviction from her low-income tiny home. The property is part of a program meant to assist locals with homeownership, and Brown believes her eviction is retaliation for calling out the organization’s director.

Rev. Faith Fowler runs the nonprofit Cass Community Social Services, which reportedly promises to grant residents the deed to their tiny home, mortgage-free after they rent the dwelling for seven years. Brown, who has stage five kidney disease, accused Fowler of micromanaging tenants and committing fraud. This is why she believes she is now facing legal issues. Earlier this week, Brown noted she expected a court-appointed bailiff to show up any day to remove her from the property. That day has come.

According to The Detroit News, yesterday (April 4), bailiffs and representatives from the 36th District Court showed up at Brown’s tiny home on Monterey Street around 10 a.m., but to their surprise, they were blocked by about 30 people who formed a human chain of sorts to protect Brown. The group was composed of members from the Detroit Eviction Defense, individuals who are retired attorneys, landlords and tenants. The standoff got intense, and videos on social media showed the activist coalition doing everything in their power to stop the law enforcement officials from removing Brown. Those defending her were heard yelling that she was on dialysis and asking what side of history the court representatives wanted to be on.

Unfortunately, their efforts were no match for the law. Brown was taken away from her tiny home, and around noon, a crew showed up with a dumpster to empty her residence. “We’re not scared. We’re not intimidated. I told him I wasn’t leaving, and I mean it. We’re going to have some problems. This is fraud to tell the public that you’re going to give someone an opportunity and not follow through. It’s disappointing and distressing. I’m uncomfortable but not broken,” Brown said after being evicted.

See footage of the ordeal below.