Ciara is enjoying life and making good music, but that appeared to go over some folks’ heads as the Georgia native once again defended her actions. Today (March 24), she released her latest track, “Da Girls,” and its accompanying music video.

The anthem inspires women, especially those that are independent. In one instance, Ciara sang: “This is for the girls getting money. This is for the girls that don’t need no man. This is for the girls whose in love with theyself. This for all the girls who done did it by theyself.”

Some listeners took offense to the lyrics given that the singer is married to NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, but Ciara reminded those with backlash after the song dropped that they’re missing the entire point of “Da Girls.”

After its release, the singer shared a picture of herself with a captioned above that read, “Me watching y’all miss the point.” Underneath, as the new song played in the background, Ciara wrote, “A woman’s independence is not dependent on their relationship status. Keep rocking your crown, queens.” She ended the message by sending love to viewers with emojis.

However, this isn’t the first time the “And I” artist had to defend herself from critiques. On March 15, Ciara hopped on TikTok to gracefully clap back at individuals who had problems with what she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

Joined by Wilson, the “Level Up” singer wore a backless, floor-length sheer gown on the party’s carpet. The front of Ciara’s dress had a very low cut, while the back showed the artist’s thong peeked through. Not too long after the press snapped their photos, the internet began chattering about Ciara’s fashion choice of the night.

While fans and body-positive supporters came to the 37-year-old’s defense, the singer made it known that she was not letting herself be affected by the backlash. “Selective outrage,” Ciara captioned a TikTok video of herself covered in an oversized sheet.