Halle Bailey has been named a celebrity Disney Dreamers Academy ambassador. The great news was shared yesterday (March 23), and the five-time Grammy-nominated songstress participated in the four-day event designed to inspire and mentor students across the nation.

“Celebrities, business leaders and influencers know what it takes to get to the top. Bring your vision and energy — get tools [and] inspiration that turn dreams into action,” the Disney Dreamers Academy official website states. And with Bailey starring as Ariel in the company’s upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid, who better to be a role model to hardworking youth? The annual program chooses 100 kids to become immersed in the ultimate career-inspiring weekend at The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. The event kicked off yesterday and runs through Sunday (March 26).

Bailey spent the day at the resort meeting with students and fans, and seeing the sights before speaking with the large group later that evening. In one video posted to social media, the 22-year-old rode in a carriage with a Princess Tiana character during a parade. Another clip showed the starlet confessing her gratitude for the moment. “I’m so excited to be with these beautiful dreamers today. They are so talented. They know what they want for their future. They’re so passionate, and I’m inspired by them, honestly. So, just being in the midst of amazing individuals and having fun — we’re at Disney World, okay?” she said with a smile.

Before speaking with the group that night, she was welcomed via video by last year’s celebrity ambassador, Kelly Rowland. “Please welcome the 2023 Disney Dreamers Academy Ambassador, my darling, beautiful friend, Ms. Halle Bailey,” the Houston native shared as the audience went wild. The rising talent thanked Rowland for the “beautiful introduction” in a repost of the honor in her Instagram Stories, which also showed her meeting a young fan named Mila Rose whose favorite Disney Princess is Ariel.

The Little Mermaid hits theaters on May 26. See more recaps of Bailey’s day below.