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  /  03.22.2023

“Black Girl Stuff” made its return to the silver screen a few weeks ago, and this season has been rolling strong ever since! As always, the “BGS” crew consisting of Britt Hall, Tori Brixx, Bri Renee, and correspondent Kennedy Rue brought their a-game, and there was LOTS in store.

This week’s episode was filled with fun and emotion. From the girls diving into social media comments and discussing the collective obsession with “getting it out of the mud” to Rue shedding tears with long-time friend Jordyn Woods, relationship talk with K Camp, and investment advice, there was truly a little something for everyone.

As always, you can catch “Black Girl Stuff” every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on the REVOLT TV channel and every Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET on the REVOLT website, YouTube channel, and app.

Plus, get into the episode three recap below!

1. Getting It Out The Mud?

To kick off the episode, the girls made their way into the comments to discuss one of our culture’s biggest phenomenons: “Getting it out the mud.”

“The perfect example would be Nipsey Hussle. I feel like he’s somebody that got it out of the mud. He came from the hood, he was in a gang, and he ended up giving back to his community…that’s getting it out the mud. It don’t get any muddier than that,” Hall said.

Brixx shared her definition. “Getting it out the mud means you turned nothing into something. And a lot of people feel like they didn’t get it out the mud just cause they not from the hood…even though I’m from the hood and we turned that into something, you could turn your parents not giving you money, or cutting you off, into something. You could turn, ‘I had it, and I lost it, I have nothing’ into something.”

Hall also talked about the benefits of doing so. She said,  “You could say it’s yours. You could say I did this for me. It’s a self-gratifying feeling to say like, ‘I did this for me. I’m proud of me.’ Like, can’t nobody ever take that away from you no matter what you go through, and I feel like that’s important for people to know. If you don’t get a handout, it’s okay.”

2. The Kennedy Konnection with Jordyn Woods

During this episode’s “Kennedy Konnection,” Jordyn Woods joined to discuss entrepreneurship and friendship. Woods By Jordan is her new clothing line, and the personality gave viewers insight into her motivation behind starting the brand. She said, “I just wanted to make something different. Something inclusive. Something I could really channel my creativity, make my ideas come to life, make things, and make people feel good because when you look good, you feel good, and confidence is everything in this life.”

Woods also dove into the truth behind being your own boss. She added, “Well, when you’re an entrepreneur, your personal life is your work life too. People think, ‘You know what? I can be my own boss, and it’s easier.’ But, when you’re your own boss, you’re never off the clock. You’ve always got to answer the phone no matter what time it is or what’s going on. Whether you’re talking to people overseas, if you have factories or different people designing, you have to be available at all times.”

Rue and Woods also got a bit emotional talking about their long-time friendship. The two have been friends since they were children and have gotten each other through equally tough times. Woods talked about the value of friendship in her life. She said, “Well, I couldn’t do it without her…we could not talk for months, and we would still be just as close. So, it’s kind of hard when you’ve been friends for 25 years. It really is like a spiritual thing.”

3. K Camp Sits In The Hot Seat 

K Camp has been in the game for years with hits like “Comfortable” and “Slum Anthem” being some of the most popular R&B songs of the early 2010s. But in 2020, Camp had a song titled “Renegade” that completely took social media — TikTok in particular — by storm. He sat down with the ladies to discuss music, relationships, and plenty more.

When talking about “Renegade” making his star power bigger, he said, “It feels good, but at the same time, I feel like I get discredited for a lot of that…I feel like I’m an innovator when it comes to the culture, but obviously, I’m still here, I’m still putting out hits, I’m still looking good, dressing good, you feel me, smelling good.”

He also broke down creating hit records. Camp said, “Ain’t no secret for real, I just go from the heart…I just speak on how I feel in that moment. I don’t force no vibes. I’m never going to the studio and force nothing. Everything’s just in that moment how I feel.”

One of Camp’s latest projects is the Rare Sound Creative Space. It’s a place where content creators can come and do what they do best with the top resources on the market. The artist described it as, “Five thousand square feet…we got a podcast space, strip club, and two studios.” You can stream K Camp’s latest single, “Pretty Ones,” right now on all streaming platforms!

4. Sukihana Visits The Crew

Sukihana is a rapper who rose to fame during her time on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” Since then, she’s built a large fanbase on social media for her music and outspoken personality. She sat down with the ladies to talk about everything from keeping a “fresh c**chie” to over-sexualization.

When dishing on her grooming routine for “down there,” Sukihana kept it real. She said, “First of all, good c**chie comes from genetics…elasticity, that’s nothing that you can buy. You can’t pay for that. You can’t pay for that like the BBL. That comes from your mama and your grandma And if you remember our grandmom, they used to wear them little old dresses in the house…they never worked a day in their life…that came from your great grandmama all the way back to slavery to your mama. Like elasticity runs in your family…I can’t tell y’all how to get no tight c**chie.”

Renee asked Sukihana if she felt like people tend to over-sexualize her, and Sukihana was quick to respond. She said, “No, I overly sexualize myself. My whole, my whole thing is I want all these n**gas to want to f**k me, and every b**h want to be me when I come in the club. That’s what I want. That’s what I’m working for.”

She continued to talk about balancing sexual liberation with her normal personality. Suki said, “First of all, I got like three different personalities. It’s just the truth. Like, when I go on the studio, you know, I talk about s**t that I go through. And I don’t, I don’t, honestly, I don’t know why I’m so sexual, and I love talking about s**king d**k. I don’t get it. But I feel like maybe because I was homeschooled…I feel like I was sheltered.”

5. Affirmations After Dark

Studies from The Society For Financial Education And Professional Development have shown that nearly 60 percent of Black women are not invested in any wealth-generating strategies. The “Black Girl Stuff” hosts shared ways they’re breaking the statistic.

Hall is focusing on real estate and building wealth through that avenue. She said, “For me, it’s real estate. Like, my family owns properties. So I think that’s super important. One of my best friends is a real estate agent. And I’m always telling her, like, ‘I need a farm’ because when it’s time for me to own that restaurant, I want to outsource from my own farm, from my own family, like, farm to table for real. So, I think that’s super important. ​​I would love to be able to own some land because they ain’t making anymore land. So, as far as I know, my land gonna be my land, and I’ll have forever. And I’ll be able to pass that down to my kids and generations after me.”

Renee also talked about real estate. She said, “My mom taught me the importance of home ownership early. So I bought my first house at 23…and then I bought other places. But I think that’s been one of the biggest saving graces for me. Even when the pandemic hit, the fact that I had a rental property to continuously bring in income, that helped me stay afloat.”

Renee also went on to talk about the importance of saving for retirement — even at a young age. She said, “I don’t care if it’s as little as $300 to $1,000 a month. Like, you can set this money aside for a Roth IRA and investment portfolios. So for me, she (her mother) took me to an investment company. We sat down. We set up these accounts. And that money was coming out every month. And I still do that.”




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