Potter Payper has been building some serious momentum in the past few months, much in part thanks to the singles “Blame Brexit” and “Multifaceted.” On Friday (March 17), he added to that with “Corner Boy,” a Chucks and Fumes Beats-produced offering filled with vivid bars about the East London rapper’s arduous upbringing.

“I was a corner boy, meetin’ cats by the corner shop, since I had Boy In Da Corner on, tryna make my way home but it was cordoned off, ’cause they caught two trappers and they bored ’em up, I heard he weren’t no shot caller, he just calls the shots, either way I just know he never walked it off…”

It’s been a couple of years since we received Payper’s most recent body of work, Thanks For Waiting, an 18-song offering with notable assists from Unknown T, KO, Rimzee, Digga D, Haile, NSG, Suspect OTB, and more. Since then, he’s kept his fans fed with show-stealing appearances on tracks like Snoop Dogg’s “Murder Music 2,” M Huncho’s “Me & My Conscience,” and Tiggs Da Author’s “CHAMPAGNE RIDDIM.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Payper opened up about his independent grind, building relationships, and his recent partnership with Def Jam’s 0207 imprint.

“You can’t compare me to certain rappers if you know about my catalog and the work that I’ve put in,” he declared. “I signed to a label last year but for the past 12 years, I’ve been funding my career by myself… I’m really cool with genuine people who, if it wasn’t for the music industry, would be doing something else, which would destroy their lives and you’ve got to commend them for that.”

Press play on Potter Payper‘s “Corner Boy” below. His next full-length offering, said to be titled Real Back In Style, should be making landfall soon.