Donald Glover’s new TV series “Swarm” has gotten off to a hot start with fans. The show, which is about an “obsessed, Houston-based fan [who] goes to increasingly violent lengths for her favorite R&B singer,” was released on Amazon Prime Video at midnight (March 17). Within minutes of episode one, fans were floored when Dominique Fishback’s character, Dre, walked toward Marissa’s [Chlöe Bailey] room and briefly watched as she and Dre, Damson Idris’ character, have sex on her bed. Before “Swarm” became available to the public, Bailey spoke with Deadline about the particular scene and how she was initially nervous, but Idris made her feel more comfortable.

“When I first read the script, I was like, ‘Oh, this is insane, this is incredible,’ and I cried, and then I realized, you gotta do that sex scene, girl,” she said. “As open and liberal as I am about my body, I was very scared because I haven’t had that many partners. I’m not like that — like that sexual and open. So, I was like (sigh), okay. So, Damson made it really comfortable; you know, there were limited people on set. It was a closed set.” She then went on to say, “We were laughing in between [takes]. We literally had a bouncy ball in between us, and you know, we were making a joke out of it, so it took all of the nervousness away from that. I have to give a lot of kudos to him as a man for making me, as a woman, feel comfortable literally being raw and naked.”

However, Twitter users were in an uproar as they saw two of entertainment’s rising stars shine in a different light. Check out some of the reactions to Bailey and Idris’ sex scene below: