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Some say Web3 is a big boys club, no different than the Web2 space. Yet, women have been at the forefront of the progression in this space. So where is the disconnect? Well, unfortunately, women don’t get the same recognition or even platforms to be spotlighted for the work that they do. In honor of Women’s History Month, I want to shine a light on a few of the ladies who are consistently crushing glass ceilings in Web3 and paving the way for the next generation.

1. Emonee LaRussa

First on that list is Emonee LaRussa. She is a two-time Emmy-winning motion graphic artist who was selected to help curate the Grammys’ first NFT. When LaRussa isn’t working on her art, she is utilizing her social media platforms to educate other artists on how to use software such as photoshop and other editing tools. Most recently, LaRussa started a nonprofit organization called JumpStart Designers, where she fundraises money with top tech companies like MoonPay to provide Adobe software and computers to kids with lower incomes. An artist, teacher, and philanthropist all in one, we truly appreciate the work LaRussa puts in.

2. Betty of Deadfellaz

Progression in the Web3 space isn’t just about being present — it’s about taking a stand on the issues and pushing the status quo. That is why I want to highlight Deadfellaz creator Betty following her NFT collection of 10,000 unique zombies minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The project sold out within 20 minutes after launching in September of 2021 and traded over $9 million AUD within its first month. From the collection, Betty has curated an enormous community within the Web3 space, and it’s one of the top woman-led projects to date. But that’s not all, Betty has used the platform she built to stand on issues affecting women in Web3 and call out problematic behaviors. Gaining accolades is one thing, but using your platform to call out bias and sexism is another level of leadership.

3. Faith Love 

Being an artist isn’t just about curating your own work, but about employing your platform to uplift and onboard the next generation of creatives, and that is just what Faith Love does. She is a digital Web3 artist who uses her emotional thoughts to curate abstract digital pieces. Her unique style comes from her determination to develop a brand that people can recognize online as well as in public spaces. When she isn’t creating art, Love is working on community and artist relations at MetaMask. MetaMask is a leading self-custodial wallet company that focuses on a safe and simple way to access blockchain applications and Web3. In her role, Love hones in on onboarding the next generation of artists and showcasing how Web3 can be wielded for ownership and monetization.

4. Sian Morson

Amplifying diverse voices in a space where women aren’t given the same platforms and opportunities is a constant battle, but Sian Morson is someone who has been championing the cause successfully. Morson is the editor and founder of a Web3 publication called The BlkChain that focuses on amplifying the work of women, BIPOC, and the LGBTQ community. Her work also includes being the vice president of community at Science Magic Studios, a company that concentrates on digital assets and Web3 economies for brands. Outside of that amazing work, Morson also uses her social channels as a well-known thought leader to educate and onboard the BIPOC community into Web3.

5. Inna Modja

Turning your pain into power is something that women have been doing for decades, and Inna Modja has been using her personal story to curate change within the Web3 space. Modja is an artist and songwriter who was subjected to female genital mutilation as a young girl in Mali. Since that devastating event, she has focused on women’s rights and become an ambassador for UNCCD. She has also launched her own NFT project, Code Green, to help push social, gender, and climate change through the use of Web3 technology. As a social justice advocate, Modja is currently heading philanthropy for World of Women, an NFT project that focuses on onboarding women into Web3. Modja doesn’t just focus on change and building online, she has also co-founded a physical space for like-minded individuals to build and network called NFT Factory Paris.

6. Shira Lazar

Creating safe spaces for women to network is a key point in ensuring that they are not only onboarded into Web3 but also feel comfortable enough to stay. That is exactly what Shira Lazar’s mission has been since entering into the space. Her decade-long media background allowed her to quickly become one of the top leading voices in Web3 through efforts such as her weekly Twitter Spaces, Alpha Mondays, and Women in Web3. She consistently sows into the space by supporting diverse and women-led projects to help further push against the bias and discrimination that is prevalent in the tech community. Lazar’s highly acclaimed media company, What’s Trending, has allowed the maven to curate a platform that reaches many communities. Plus, it provides a lane for her to not only uplift other women but share opportunities with people of color.

7. Shaylin Wallace

You can’t speak of Web3 art and not mention Shaylin Wallace. She is a digital artist who curates surrealistic compositions in photoshop. Her work has been exhibited in showcases at Art Basel as well as globally in places like Italy and France. Not to mention, Wallace has won numerous awards, such as the Silver Medal and Gold Key for digital art. Wallace’s talents don’t stop there — she has worked with major companies like Netflix, Adobe, AMC, and Warner Bros., just to name a few. As a Black woman artist, the innovator has blazed through the Web3 space and carved out a unique niche that has opened doors for the next generation.

These women have proven the work goes beyond just Women’s History Month, and there is still a lot that needs to be done, but their contributions have paved a way for those coming behind them — and that is why we are giving them their flowers now.



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