This Thursday (March 16), Westside Boogie will take to the stage at Los Angeles venue The Novo to perform his greatest hits in front of what’s sure to be a packed crowd. As part of his Instagram announcement in 2022, the Compton-based star thanked his supporters for having the opportunity to hold court in his hometown.

“This really for the crib,” he began. “Just last month, I had my biggest LA show ever. Now we finna triple that s**t. Y’all really been growing wit’ me and none of it’s possible without ya ugly a**es. Let’s sell this b**ch out.”

To get the masses ready, Boogie unveiled an EP, aptly titled Live At The Novo, which consists of three tracks with production from 18yoman, Dartt, Keyel, and JUSTICE. The opening cut, “Cold As Love,” immediately creates an emotionally charged vibe for listeners with bars about mended relationships and missed opportunities.

“I done found peace slidin’ with the gang, I done took leaps tryna make a change, I done went deep lookin’ in the pain, I ain’t have bleach either for the stains, I done burned bridges tryna hold a grudge, I done learned how to do it outta love, I done hurt feelings sayin’ what it was, I done seen God when I’m off the drugs, I done went numb bein’ outta touch, I done missed steps bein’ in a rush, how you had faith sayin’ it was luck?”

Back in 2022, Boogie liberated his sophomore studio LP, MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES, a 12-song effort with additional features from Storm Ford, Mamii, Soulja Boy, DRAM, Snoop Dogg, and more. Before the year came to a close, he delivered a LIMITED EDITION of the aforementioned project with six additional tracks for fans to enjoy. Press play on Live At The Novo below.