Yung Joc has never been shy about showing off his creative side. Apart from his music, the Atlanta rapper has proudly debuted some rather interesting hairstyles — from long to short, green to blonde — he’s tried it all. Or has he?

Yesterday (March 9), a video of Joc sporting an intricate 3-D haircut featuring Tupac’s likeness resurfaced on the internet. The original footage was uploaded on social media in 2019, but as we all know, the internet has a way of digging the past back up. In the clip, the “It’s Goin’ Down” hitmaker wore green braids at the top of his head and on the lower left side, the late West Coast rapper’s face was visible. But it wasn’t just Pac’s face that stole the show because even Joc’s hairstyle had a hairstyle. On top of the “California Love” artists’ head was a high-top fade of sorts.

Both in 2019 and this week, some seemed tired of his antics. “Tupac [looks] so over his mess,” one tweet read. However, overall, social media users couldn’t deny the barber’s skillset. “Whoever cut his hair deserves all the compliments. He did that!!!!! But the rest of his hair gots to go. Just cut the rest of that s**t off,” said one who wasn’t feeling the green braids at the top. Another pointed out Pac’s accessories added to Joc’s head: “Bro got the piercings [and] all.” Others marveled at the creativity, “Lmfaooo, this [is] funny and clean at the same time,” another post added.

For years, Joc has been experimenting with eye-catching styles, and last month, Hype Hair recognized his ingenuity by honoring him on their February/March cover. “Captions are dope when you want to narrate your life. Your intentions will yield everything your heart truly desires. Thank you to everyone involved in making this day happen,” he wrote on an Instagram photo showing the finished product.

See the best reactions to Yung Joc’s Tupac tribute below.