After starring in a handful of action and drama films, Jonathan Majors is ready to take his talents to the romantic comedy genre… with Issa Rae. During an interview with The Cut, the “Lovecraft Country” actor shared a few of his favorite romantic movies, including The Notebook, Love Jones, Blue Valentine and Love & Basketball. He also revealed that he “falls in love every day,” explaining to the reporter, “Life is beautiful. Love is everywhere.”

On Saturday (Feb. 25) night, viewers, attendees, and even a reporter bore witness to the chemistry between Majors and Rae as they both appeared onstage at the 2023 NAACP Image Awards as presenters. “Issa, I love nights like this. We all get to get together; it’s one of those rare times. It’s beautiful. Issa and I …,” Majors said as he introduced the nominees.

But then Rae interrupted, asking Majors, “What’s your sign?” which led them into a brief, funny discussion about astrology: He is a Virgo, and she is a Capricorn. Afterward, the event’s social media team joined in, saying, “Somebody write the script” on Instagram.

Then, on Sunday (Feb. 26), Majors sat down with Variety and was asked which rom-com storyline he would like to try. He responded by giving them his ideal plot. “We grew up together,” he said. “And then I come back home, and it’s like, ‘Oh, okay.’ We can start with that. I want to do a run through a park, you know what I mean, a run through Central Park, trying to beat her to the airport. Say we live in Harlem, then we’ve got Central Park, and then you’re running through LaGuardia trying to find Issa.”

“Issa, you want to do it? Let’s do it,” he continued. Majors then revealed that, that style of presenting at the award ceremony was a first for him. “She was fabulous, and I just kind of… I mean, it’s Issa Rae. You can’t drop the ball.”

Majors can be seen in theaters now in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and on March 3 for the upcoming Creed III alongside Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson.