Uncle Murda had a response for Trick Daddy after the “Let’s Go” artist called him and his controversial “Rap Up” series out on his online cooking show. On Thursday’s (Feb. 16) episode of his cooking show, “I Got My Pots,” the Miami native revealed his take on who he thinks the top clown has been for the past five years and why.

“The number one clown for the last five years is… Uncle Murda,” Trick Daddy stated. “You ah clown, boy. You ah clown.”

The “Take It to da House” rapper then went on a rant, listing reasons he believes Uncle Murda is a clown, including using people’s low points in life as a topic in his music.

“You take people’s unfortunate disasters,” he continued. “You take people downward spirals… ‘Cause, you ain’t got nothing else to do. And you sat down and [took] everything that a person went through, and you put it in a song every year. You ain’t got nothing else better to do. That’s clown s***, boy.”

“You mention the dead,” Trick Daddy added. “You mention victims. You mention everybody. You mention peoples’ money, wives, [and] children. You’re disrespectful, and that’s clown s***.”

Trick Daddy then spoke about Uncle Murda previously dissing him in a song.

“You said my name, and I didn’t mention anything about it because I didn’t want this to be about me,” he revealed. “This not about me.”

During his 2021 edition of “Rap Up,” Uncle Murda dissed Trick Daddy after his controversial comments about Beyoncé’s singing abilities. He then called the “Nann” artist a cokehead and advised children to refuse drugs.

“I stand on what I said… I ain’t worried about no backlash for nothing that I say to you, boy,” Trick Daddy stated as she walked closer to the camera. “You ah clown. And I’m standing on this. Ten toes down. You ah clown. Find you something else to do…”

Two days later, on Feb. 18, Uncle Murda responded by posting the Miami native’s video about him and offered his take in the caption.

“This s*** got me rolling,” Uncle Murda captioned the post. “Dammmm, all that my n**** trickdaddydollars mad at me cause I called him a coke head #RapUp2023Intro.”

Watch the full video below: