Users on TikTok should be happy to know they will have new music to dance to. Snoop Dogg is bringing the Death Row catalog back to the popular app.

In February 2022, the rap legend removed the hits after acquiring the infamous label on its 30-year anniversary. But now, he’s happy fans will be able to enjoy the selection. “Since I took Death Row off streaming almost a year ago, not a day goes by without people asking me to put it back up,” Snoop Dogg said in a statement published by Billboard earlier this week. The Long Beach, California native expanded on how a recent major sporting event influenced his decision: “As the Super Bowl rolled around, I knew fans would be looking for the music from our iconic performance in 2022, so I wanted to reintroduce the most historic catalog to the people.”

The Death Row catalog features some of the most notable contributions in hip hop history, including Snoop’s classic Doggystyle album and the late 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me. According to the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper, the chart-toppers “will be back on streaming services real soon.” The deal was made in association with music distribution company SoundOn. “The Death Row music catalog is back up on TikTok!!! Hit that link for a special death row playlist from me to u,” the Baby Boy actor shared in a tweet that included a personalized video after the deal was made public.

“TikTok, what it do? It’s ya boy, Big Snoop D-O-GG and I’m excited for y’all,” he said while in a studio. He continued, “‘Cause Death Row Records is back up for you to enjoy and you can go get that playlist right now. You can listen to any song you want off the catalog strictly on TikTok Death Row Playlist. It’s available right now and tell ‘em Snoop Dogg sent you.” He also included his 2023 Sketchers Super Bowl ad, which featured him sporting the shoes to complete daily tasks such as rocking the stage and delivering newspapers. “Get this paper,” he said while tossing publications from his bicycle.

Check out his commercial below.