As previously reported by REVOLT, Cardi B and her rap superstar husband Offset spent Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) making money moves. The couple released a limited-edition meal, named in their honor, with McDonald’s. But they didn’t stop there — they also announced a special merch line with the fast food giant.

The hip hop couple’s new line has everything you need to be swagged out like the celebrities, including shirts, hoodies, beanies and booty shorts. One T-shirt option reads, “Nice buns. The Cardi B and Offset meal.” The infamous McDonald’s “M” arch is perfectly centered under the text. Fans can make sure they’re lovin’ it as the top comes in three colors — black, white and pink. Another option features the New York native’s “Up” lyrics, “I been lit since last night.” An evening exterior photo showing a wide-angle view of the fast food restaurant appears on the front. There’s also one with a picture of the lovebirds that reads, “The apple of my eye” with imagery of the business’ infamous apple pie appearing below.

Cardi recently spoke with Billboard about why the popular chain was the perfect fit for her and Offset. “I think we’ve been to McDonald’s 200 million times,” she said in an article published today (Feb. 17). “That’s the thing about McDonald’s is that we both eat it. I might suggest a different restaurant, and if we get to the restaurant and the menu’s a little weird and Offset doesn’t like the food, he just looks at me,” she added.

Buzz for the McDonald’s collaboration began earlier this year. On Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 12), McDonald’s released an ad featuring the “Clout” hitmakers. The commercial included several individuals in relationships who noted that love is knowing exactly what your partner wants. The couples took turns guessing what their beau would order from the menu and were blissful when they guessed correctly. “He likes a Quarter Pounder, no onions, just cheese,” Cardi said smiling while seated in a dimly lit McDonald’s booth with Offset.

See what fans are saying about the couple’s clothing below.