As previously reported by REVOLT, on Jan. 18, Flo Rida won an $82 million lawsuit against Celsius, an energy drink company. The colossal earnings were a result of the business owing the “Low” hitmaker back pay from a 2014 endorsement deal.

In an article published by TMZ on Tuesday (Feb. 7), the outlet caught up with Flo Rida and asked how he plans to spend the hefty sum. After the reporter congratulated him on the victory, he asked the “Club Can’t Handle Me” artist if he would give up music now that his bank account has some extra cushion. The 43-year-old informed the reporter that he didn’t need the lawsuit earnings to be able to take a break from making hits. “No, I promise, before this with my music alone, it was like… I could just retire, you know what I’m saying? But now [I’m] more so happy about the philanthropic things that I could do,” Flo Rida shared.

Continuing the conversation, the Carol City native mentioned his Big Dreams For Kids charity and said his youth football league has “over 10,000 kids” involved. Flo Rida added that he’d even taken some of the children from his charities to Los Angeles with him and let them meet Snoop Dogg and said those are the types of things that excite him, not the money. Although Flo Rida has not released an album since Wild Ones in 2012, that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves. “I get two-for-one traveling to the most beautiful places in the world. I’ll go and do shows, but I’ll stay there and enjoy myself. So now, it’s just like the thing about generational wealth and how I can just open doors for other people,” he said during the interview.

Closing arguments in the January court case revealed Flo Rida was originally promised part ownership of Celsius. “One percent of the company, that is what he was supposed to get. Their vision [they] intended happened. This was a big risk for him… He had to give up deals with mature companies worth a lot more money,” documents read. Outside of the courthouse, the rapper shared, “It’s about my passion. It’s about my team. It’s about my dedication. It’s about something that I started years ago and just to see it come full-fledged like this, I hate for it to be this way. But… health is wealth more than anything.”