As previously reported by REVOLT, on April 9, 2021, hip hop icon DMX passed away. By July of that year, it was determined that the artist, who publicly struggled with drug abuse, died from a cocaine-induced heart attack.

Late last month, one of DMX’s daughters launched a GoFundMe campaign to create a project that would spread awareness for others who may be dealing with similar issues. “Hello, my name is Sonovah Hillman Jr. I’m a 10-year-old who has lost multiple family members to fentanyl and drug addiction. I felt like I had to do something to help this crisis,” her message began. “I came up with the idea to do a four-part docuseries on fentanyl and drug addiction. I want to show the world the point of view from a child’s perspective. I know that others are going through some of the same things. I want to reach out and ask for assistance with some of the production costs to get started. These funds will be used for pre and post-production. All donations are greatly appreciated and will help me get closer to my goal of educating, spreading awareness and saving lives,” she wrote.

Hillman is asking for $250,000 to complete the program. One donator commented, “My dad passed away from a drug addiction as well, so I know that pain all too well. Your dad is so EXTREMELY proud of you already! This docuseries should be picked up on a major streaming network.” Another said, “I miss DMX who was/is one of my FAVORITE rappers. His death still hits me a little hard. I support this movement his 10-year-old daughter is doing.” In a two-minute video recently shared on YouTube, the “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” rapper’s daughter revealed she was inspired “after a D.A.R.E. program came to [her] school and did a 10-week curriculum on drugs and drug addiction.” She then shared that seeing a clip of Master P on TikTok where he discussed assisting his daughter Tytyana Miller with addiction treatment moved her to proceed with launching the docuseries. In May 2022, Miller passed away from accidental fentanyl intoxication.

In the YouTube clip, Hillman noted that after her father’s death, she began watching his old interviews in which he discussed his problems with addiction. “I’m tired of lying to myself, thinking I could do it on my own,” DMX said of his battles. “I wanted to talk to other kids whose parents died of an overdose or are still currently using,” she stated. Before the video ended, Hillman reiterated that she intends to help others resolve trauma as well as help those suffering to get clean and stay clean.