GloRilla is in a bona fide winning season, so there likely is not much of anything that she can not accomplish. The Memphis rapper was thrust into superstardom last year when she dropped “F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” and since then, it has been all gas and no brakes as she capitalizes off of her growing success.

Looking ahead to the future, Big Glo recently revealed that she has her sights set on working with two notable artists. “There’s a lot of people I want to do songs with that I’m a fan of, but my top two that I’m extremely obsessed with is Beyoncé and Chief Keef,” she told She noted that she would also like to “work with Drake and Lil Wayne, too.”

The 23-year-old has made it known that she is all about manifestation and putting in the work to make her dreams reality, so there is no doubting her ability to land either Beyoncé or Chief Keef on records that are sure to be equally, if not more, successful than her current work.

In December, Gorilla’s first single became eligible for platinum certification, and her latest release, “Nut Quick,” is steadily climbing the music charts and circulating on social media. Along the way, she also landed her first Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance. Speaking of the nod of recognition, GloRilla can remember exactly where she was when the news came out. “I was just getting off the plane in L.A. I didn’t believe it until I got on Twitter and I saw them saying it,” she recalled. “I couldn’t believe it for a minute. I thought they was lying.”

The achievement was widely celebrated by supporters, which included her musical peers such as Cardi B. The two women teamed up for “Tomorrow 2” last year. In a past interview with NME, the CMG artist had nothing but positive things to say about her collaborator. “Cardi is a really sweet soul [with] such a genuine heart, and we come from a similar background, so it was easy to connect. And it was crazy when ‘Tomorrow 2’ hit the charts. I was like, ‘Ah! Ain’t nobody knew about me a couple of months ago!'” she told the outlet.

Whether or not she takes home an award during the Grammys Sunday (Feb. 5), there is no denying that GloRilla is already a winner.