Later this month, Sada Baby will bless the masses with a new project titled SHONUFF. On Monday (Jan. 30), the Detroit star delivered an appetizer titled “CASADA JR,” which serves as a continuation of 2019’s “Casada.” The energetic number is full of unapologetic rhymes about how life is on the streets:

“They want me back up in that mode, so I went to it, don’t talk about no heartbreak if you ain’t been through it… a headshot’ll knock his album sales out rotation, f**k a rapper tryna rap beef, he won’t make it, ’cause I’ma make sure he tryna stand on what he sayin’, 10 times outta 10, he gon’ end up on his a**, so we ain’t goin’ for no bulls**t, I put that on my daddy…”

Courtesy of Stache House Productions comes a matching visual that shows Sada living it up with his crew. Viewers can see him mobbing heavy in the club, at an outside location, and in his residence. Fellow hometown hero Boldy James also makes a quick cameo appearance.

While promoting the new single, Sada took to social media to honor his late father with a heartfelt message and a few bars about his family: “I love you so much Daddy, I miss you even more. It was up to me and you to make sure I stopped actin’ like a sad b**ch, it’s just hard to have a genuine smile when you was my main reason. ‘Still got my nieces, I still got my brothas, I still got Juan and a few mo’ others, still pray to Jesus ’cause I know he love us, wit’ a lil bit of time I can open my trust up’…”

Press play on Sada Baby‘s “CASADA JR” video below. SHONUFF officially makes landfall Feb. 25.